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How to download PUBG new state apk, pre-registration process, release date 

Read how You Can download easily PUBG New State APK, and how you can pre-registration PUBG New State APK game. So i hope our article helpful for you.

PUBG New State APK Download

Today PUBG announced a pre-order trailer for its new Royal War mobile game PUBG New State. Which modernizes with future generation weapons and vehicles. The pre-registration option is now available on the Android and iOS stores for the US and other specific countries.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) has released the official trailer of the upcoming Royal Battle game: PUBG: New State. Game PUBG Studios and Karfton Inc. Has been developed by the production of. The new kingdom is described in the trailer as the original Royale fight. PUBG PUBG: New State is also launching a new social media platform for the game. The pre-order process is now available for the US and other countries. If you want to pre-register or download PUBG: New State, then read this article.

How to pre-register for PUBG new state PUBG New State Download APK

The pre-registration process for the PUBG: New State Royal Battle game has started. It is providing special benefits for pre-registration. You can get a vehicle skin to pre-order. This vehicle skins are available for limited users. If you want to get this skin then complete the pre-order process now.

The pre-registration option for the New State Royal Battle is now live for Android users. It will soon be pre-ordering lunch for iOS users. If you want to pre-order this game then follow the guide below. The pre-register option is not available for all countries. It is currently available for UAE, US and other specialty countries. The saddest thing is that the pre-register option is no longer available to India. I hope it will be available to India soon.

Read this step by step guide to register for PUBG: New State Game: -

How to pre-register PUBG: new state for android on play store

  • Click here or go to the play store and search for PUBG new state
  • Now you will see that there is an option of pre-registration
  • Click on the pre-registration button and complete the pre-order process

How to Pre-Order PUBG: New State on iOS

The pre-order for the PUBG new state is not currently for the iOS user. Click here to update availability for pre-orders on iOS.

Download PUBG New State APK

Currently, this game has not been released yet. Now you can only pre-order or register for this game. The Google Play Store will send a notification or automatically install it in your phone when available. If you want to download PUBG New State APK, then follow our site everyday.



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Official trailer

PUBG: New State Pre-Order Trailer: -

PUBG: New state release date

The release date has not been announced yet. Now you can pre-register for this game only. If you pre-registered it, it will be automatically installed on your phone when it releases. PUBG Corporation has not confirmed the official release date for this. Once released, we will let you know. Please join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook.

The developer and production company have announced a release date for this game. Now you can pre-register onlonly only on the Play Store. Later pre-orders will be available for the iOS App Store. We expect it to be released on April 2021.

Official website and social media

PUBG Corporation has published on the press that they are starting a new social media account for PUBG: New State Gmae. Social media accounts will be available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular platforms.

PUBG has rolled out a subdomain for the New State game. We expect this Royale fight to be the official website for the mobile game.

The official link is: - https://newstate.pubg.com/


Q1. What is the official website of PUBG new state?

The official link is newstate.pubg.com As we state on the line above PUBG has not yet released a separate site for this game. Now a subdomain is available for this game. One who has complete knowledge about the game.

Q2. How to download this game?

You can download this game from the Play Store and Apple App Store when it will be released. Recently the game started the pre-ordering process.

Q3. What is the release date of PUBG new state?

The expected date of this game is the first week of April 2021.

Q4. Is this game available for India?

We know that PUBG Mobile has banned in India. But we expect that this game will be available for India. Recently the pre-register option has not been available for India.

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